Christmas Guest Experiences at Walt Disney World

Disney and Christmas seem to share many of the same core values: magic, family, joy, caring, celebrating. Disney and Christmas is an opportunity for people to reconnect with the wonders of childhood. Christmas might seem incomplete without some element of Disney whether it is a cartoon, a toy, a book, or a visit to a theme park.

Jim Korkis, The Vault of Walt Christmas Edition

One reason the Christmas season appeals to me is that it makes us suspend business-as-usual routine and let our minds soar for a while. Christmas seems to release even the most solemn of us from the Scrooge realism that occasionally besets all of us. It is natural, of course, that I should think of Christmas in terms of imagination, for imagination is my business.

Walt Disney

It was Walt Disney himself who insisted that even though the Candlelight Processional was to celebrate Christmas that there would be no Santa Claus and no Disney characters so that the focus could be on the real reason for the season. I think it does us all good to take a moment to look back on earlier, simpler times and treasure those things that warmed our hearts. Those memories are the true gifts of Christmas.

Jim Korkis, The Vault of Walt Christmas Edition

And so I’m off to Walt Disney World…

… with my plane-reading ready to go!