Your Front Line IS the Management Team

They are the ones managing impressions for any person who comes into contact with your organization.

My name is Herve Humler and I am the president of Ritz-Carlton…and I am a very important person. But you are more important than I am. You are the heart and soul of this building.

— Herve Humler, addressing hotel staff shortly before the grand opening of Ritz-Carlton’s Hong Kong property


It is critical that you select the best talent, motivate them to excellence, reward them every chance you get, and continue to train them on the art of making a good first impression. Your front line, as the “first face” of your organization, IS the organization to the Guest standing in front of them.

If the importance of making the First Impression isn’t enough for you, consider this: those at the front line of your organization are more than just first point of contact.

Your front line is the best source of knowledge about how your organization is actually working, how Guests behavior is changing, and whether your strategy is being well executed. Your front line is literally an innovation resource.

How are you taking advantage of this resource?

Most organizations lack a blueprint for how to truly equip and develop frontline leaders to better serve their Guests and generate ideas that will benefit the organization. Sadly, instead of treating the front line team as one of their most valuable assets, many organizations fail to engage them at all.

What about your organization? Do you treat your front line teams with the importance they deserve? Or are they relegated to an after thought, if any?

If you would like to know more about creating a front line-focused organization, contact me.

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