X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

Here’s the latest addition to The Essential Guest Experience Library:

X-The Experience When Business Meets Design

From the book jacket flap:

Welcome to a new era of business in which your brand is defined by those who experience it. Do you know how your customers experience your brand today? Do you know how they really feel? Do you know what they say when you’re not around?

In an always-on world where everyone is connected to information and also one another, customer experience is your brand. And, without defining experiences, brands become victim to whatever people feel and share.

In his new book X: The Experience When Business Meets Design best selling author Brian Solis shares why great products are no longer good enough to win with customers and why creative marketing and delightful customer service too are not enough to succeed. In X, he shares why the future of business is experiential and how to create and cultivate meaningful experiences. This isn’t your ordinary business book. The idea of a book was re-imagined for a digital meets analog world to be a relevant and sensational experience. Its aesthetic was meant to evoke emotion while also giving new perspective and insights to help you win the hearts and minds of your customers. And, the design of this book, along with what fills its pages, was done using the principles shared within.

Brian shares more than the importance of experience. You’ll learn how to design a desired, meaningful and uniform experience in every moment of truth in a fun way including:

  • How our own experience gets in the way of designing for people not like us
  • Why empathy and new perspective unlock creativity and innovation
  • The importance of User Experience (UX) in real life and in executive thinking
  • The humanity of Human-Centered Design in all you do
  • The art of Hollywood storytelling from marketing to product design to packaging
  • Apple’s holistic approach to experience architecture
  • The value of different journey and experience mapping approaches

The future of business lies in experience architecture and you are the architect.

Power Quote:

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the last time you truly had a great experience with a company as a consumer, an experience that captured your heart, mind, and spirit.

What about it was so special?

Let’s call it “X” – that Je ne sais quoi that makes something so special.

Now, bring it to life for someone else.

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About The Essential Guest Experience Library

I’ve been a student of Guest Experiences for quite a while now – from serving on 3 church staffs for over 23 years to being a consultant for a church design-build company for over 8 years and now as Guest Experience Navigator at Auxano since 2012. Only recently have I discovered how my passion for Guest Experiences was profoundly influenced by my father – I grew up literally watching a master at making “customers” feel special.

Along the way, I’ve been collecting books that are helpful in understanding Guest Experiences in the church. This book is the latest addition to that library.

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