Wrapping Up the Guest Experience Boot Camp – and Looking Ahead!

At Auxano, we live out the tools we build.

Case in point: our Guest Experience Boot Camp began with the Vision Frame; a section was devoted to the Leadership Pipeline, and it concluded with the Horizon Storyline. I’m grateful to have worked with Bryan Rose in planning, designing, and delivering the Boot Camp to 110 participants representing 26 churches from around the country.

As a way of evaluating the Guest Experience Boot Camp, I wanted to look at it through the lens of our Values.

Clarity First

  • The Guest Experience Boot Camp was designed around, anchored by, and bookended with vision clarity language and application
  • Clarity references and application sprinkled throughout learning blocks, with specific application to Guest Experience ministries and how they tie in to mission of church
  • Affirmation of individual church expressions of clarity during group and team times

Carnivorous Learning

  • Participants were pointed to resources and further learning options in each content block
  • Presenters demonstrated knowledge and practical application of content
  • Participant comments during learning sessions expressed a hunger for more knowledge and application for their specific needs
  • Participant churches expressed excitement at intentional follow-up process outlined

Contagious Passion for the Bride of Christ

  • Continual references to church application and setting
  • Connections made to other ministries of church
  • Conversations from church teams on how Guest Experience will impact mission of church
  • Excitement of participants to share experience with other leaders at church

Collaborative Genius

  • The Guest Experience Boot Camp was designed with a healthy mixture of different learning opportunities, but weighted toward team learning for each content block
  • While there was a healthy body of content, emphasis was continually placed on the development process, using tools demonstrated at the Boot Camp
  • Church participants observed talking and sharing with other groups during breaks, and before and after sessions



Here’s what a few of the participants had to say:

The content was killer. Can’t wait to process it all when I go back home. I loved how you gave us time to design it in the moment with our team.

– Amy

The material and presenters really gave opportunity for honest evaluation of guest experiences on church campus, and gave outstanding tools to improve recognized needs.

– Brett

We really liked the collaboration with the team and the hands on activities that engaged all of the team’s strengths and perspectives.

– Kim

We began to debrief the event the next day, and planning for multiple Guest Experience Boot Camps in 2018 is underway.

  • Phoenix, AZ – February 21-22, 2018
  • Nashville, TN – April 25-26, 2018
  • Detroit, MI – August 14-15, 2018

Learn more about these Guest Experience Boot Camps!


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