When Only a Pirate Will Do

Captain Jack Sparrow will soon be sailing again – at least in the latest installment of “The Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, coming out May 26.

Pirates of the Caribbean – the Disney attraction, not the movies – has long been my most favorite part of any trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. The richness of the story and details in the attraction are amazing. If I only get to do one thing at the theme parks, it will be to take in the adventures found in that attraction.

Several years ago, it occurred to me that the stories, characters, and objects found in both the attraction and the movies could be very useful in helping organizations understand more about Guest Experiences…

Pirates and Guest Experiences make a powerful connection!

Here’s a great example: a Pirate-themed, Guest Experience Training event, held at First Baptist Church Windermere. The event included a keynote, a executive staff breakout, three leadership group breakouts, and a closing challenge. Topics included the Guest Experience Compass, the Guest Experience Code, and more. The Guest Experience Director, Thea King, did an awesome job preparing the setting for the event.

The same experience can be delivered to your organization, too!


Setting sail for a port near you…

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