What’s Happened to Customer Service?

Think of the last 3 experiences you had as a customer, including those online – how did they go?

According to Brian Church, Chairman of Experience International, probably not so well.

We recently conducted a study involving 500 organizations with regards to Experience they provide, both externally (for their customers and clients) and internally (for their employees.) The results were compiled into a hierarchy of the experience called the Five Levels of the Experience and ranging from exceptional down to toxic. The results were staggering. Only 3% of organizations scored on an Exceptional level and roughly 60% of all organizations scored either average or toxic.


Ask yourself this question, what exactly happened to service excellence in America? What happened to creating relational experiences for the customer interface and interaction? There are many companies that still strive to create an exceptional experience, but, by and in large, the bulk of American companies are subpar when it comes to the level of service and relational excellence they provide.

I think Brian is spot on about companies in general. But unfortunately, I believe the same trend can be found in our churches when it comes to welcoming Guests to our church campuses.

Here’s Brian again with a challenge…

Your clients and your customers deserve better. We believe an exceptional Experience is what will breathe life into your organization.

If you are ready to take up that challenge in your organization, you are in luck – The Experience will help your organization deliver an exceptional experience.

The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence was released in April 2015 and immediately became the #1 listing on Amazon’s Customer Service category. One year later, it is still a highly-regarded text in the customer service world.

From a personal perspective, The Experience is one of two books I have given to over 20 Guest Experience clients in the last year. The practical applications it contains provide churches with a ready-to-go format of useful information and action.

Joining Brian is co-author Bruce Loeffler, a former Disney Cast Member who served as the first Disney Service Excellence Coordinator. They have combined their expertise and delivered a very practical guide based on 5 Principles, which they call I CARE.

With The Experience as your guide, your organization can execute your Guest Experience on an exceptional level.


Coming Next: A preview of some of the content found in The Experience.

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