Understanding the Different Levels of Engagement

Part 3 of a series on the book The Shape of Engagement by Scott Gould, with particular emphasis on Guest Experience. Read Part 1 here; read Part 2 here.

Author Scott Gould next moves on to the concept of different levels of engagement:

Not all engagement is equal. Our everyday dialogue gives it away. Somethings are very engaging, others quite engaging or maybe not very engaging, whereas something else might be incredibly engaging. This is no surprise.

Using the concept of the Circle of Engagement introduced in Part 1, he asks the reader to roll it out in a straight line. The visually represents the processes of Scatter > Gather > Matter as three distinct maturities of engagement.

  • Scatter as the first process is all about communicating the message.
  • Gather is the second process and is about creating a moment.
  • Matter is the third process and is about providing means and meaning.

Gould translates these as the 3-E Maturity Model:

Engagement as Expression is where engagement occurs around the message. Music, advertising, media, emails, tweets, posters, requests – they are all expressions of a message.

> To deliver the Engagement as Expression, organizations must be able to communicate their message.

Engagement as Experience is where people engage for the gathering experience.

>  To deliver the Engagement as Experience, organizations get an audience, bring people together, and deliver a powerful moment.

Engagement as Enablement is about mattering to people by providing a platform and resources that can be used to  live a better life.

> To deliver the Engagement as Enablement, organizations must use various types of platforms and resources that give means and meaning.

Consider these questions/applications for your Guest Experience:

Expression – How engaging is your expression of hospitality – in consistency, spreadability, and accessibility?

Experience – How can you make people’s interactions with your organization – in person, physical, or digital – an experience as opposed to just an expression?

Enablement – What things personally enable you every day? How might those be translated into the world of Guest Experience at your organization?

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inspired by and adapted from The Shape of Engagement, by Scott Gould


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