The Reality of Perception

Our eyes send at least 10 million bits of information to the brain every second, the skin around 1 million, the ears 100,000, smell 100,000 and the taste buds a much more limited 1,000.

Scientists estimate that we are conscious of no more than 40 bits per second. (both facts from the book Brand esSense, by Neil Gains).

Talk about a disconnect!

photo courtesy Joao Loureiro

photo courtesy Joao Loureiro

Much of what we perceive, learn, and understand remains unspoken, and is written into the mind in the language of the senses.   – Neil Gains

How is your organization speaking the “language of the senses”?

Stuart Leslie, president and founder of 4Sight Inc., says that companies wanting to lure customers must appeal to all five of their senses.

Writing in an excellent online article for Fast Company, Leslie offers these six tips for making a powerful sensory first impression:

  1. The First Glance – it’s the first visual promise of what a product will do for your senses.
  2. The Inspection – customers begin to take a closer look and details begin to hint at tactile sensations.
  3. The Physical Interaction – consumers make the first physical contact and combine the visual with the tactile experience.
  4. The Opening – as the consumer makes a physical step towards consumption or use of the product, there’s another opportunity to solidify your brand’s perception.
  5. Consumption or Usage – the point at which the product is consumed or used, and here all five senses can be at play.
  6. The Completion – a final opportunity to create a pleasant user experience when the product is disposed or put away for later use.

These six pivotal points demonstrate how the five senses influence consumer decision-making.

But what about senses and your church?

Coming Soon: Understanding the Power of our Senses with Applications for Your Church

inspired by Brand esSense, by Neil Gains

Brand esSense

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