The Power of Your Church App in Connecting with Guests

Since I currently live in Charlotte NC, and having lived somewhere in the Southeast all my life, it is a geographic given that when it comes to Disney, I am most familiar with Walt Disney World in Florida.

Actually, I am more than just a casual fan – I’ve been on Disney World properties over 20 days in the last year alone.

I’m a Disney Fanatic.

However, there is another factor to consider: I love history, and when it comes to Disney history – specifically that of theme parks – the beginning was in California, at Disneyland in Anaheim.

So when business planning was bringing me to Irvine CA for a week, it didn’t take too many adjustments to schedule a few days at Disneyland and California Adventure, just a few miles up the road from Irvine.

Unlike my typical Disney World planning ritual (contacting an authorized Disney travel planner for advice and booking; reviewing at least three websites that are my go-to sites with great content; re-reading WDW planning books in my library, and talking with Cast Member friends), my entire Disneyland planning consisted of going to the official Disneyland website, looking for park hours on the days I would be able to attend, and checking out the schedules for those respective days. About 10 minutes worth of planning.

Boom. A total 180.

How’d it turn out?

Thanks to an excellent Disneyland app for my iPhone, it was one of the best park experiences I have ever had.


Pay attention class – here’s today’s church Guest Experience lesson:

Your church app should be designed with your Guests in mind.

Let’s unpack that a little…

For the sake of discussion, I’m going to assume your church does have an app. In saying I realize many churches don’t, but that’s a topic for another day’s discussion.

You have a church app – but is it designed primarily for your members and regular attenders or for your Guests?

In my work as a Guest Experience Navigator for Auxano, I am often traveling weekends to perform a Guest Perspective Evaluation (GPE) for our clients. A critical piece of that GPE uses a seven-checkpoint system developed by Auxano Founder Will Mancini. Using seven checkpoints a typical Guest goes through from being at home to becoming fully engaged in worship, it contains a five-level ranking on both “clarity” and “warmth” which results in fourteen data points we are able to discuss with our clients.

Early into my second day at Disneyland it occurred to me that I needed to perform a GPE on Disneyland – and the thought no sooner occurred to me that in doing so, I could actually use the Disneyland app to conduct the GPE in many ways. So for the rest of my time at Disneyland, I used the app to help me move through each of the checkpoints – and at the end of my time in Disneyland, I came away convinced of the importance of an app for churches.

And that’s the subject for an upcoming post!

Doubtful of using Disney for learning purposes? Read my Disney Disclaimer.

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