The Joy For Your Guest Starts Inside You

Creating customer joy requires dedication to distinctive engagement.    – Scott McKain

Scott McKain’s book 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry takes a real-life situation McKain encountered that blew him away – and gave him the idea to develop 7 tenets, or principles, of excellent customer service.

McKain’s seventh tenet: Creating joy for your customer will make your work – and life – more joyful suggests that the individuals take personal responsibility to make the experience a customer has a joyful one.


There’s only one problem: Your organization cannot improve.

That’s right, it’s impossible for an organization to improve.

McKain first makes this puzzling statement, then goes on to explain:

What happens instead is that the people in an organization get better and lift the entire enterprise because of their efforts.

In other words, your organization can only excel at Guest Experiences to the extent that individual team members take it upon themselves to improve first. Regardless of position or tenure or influence, you have to get better in order for your organization to get better.

Creating joy in your Guests requires dedication to distinctive engagement.

McKain suggests that there are three critical aspects in creating joy that team members must adopt.

>> Be distinctive

In the same way your Guests are VIPs (Very INDIVIDUAL Persons), your team must be seen the same way first. Standards and processes must allow for each individual to develop their own distinctiveness.

>> Let each person shine while working on the team

Working as a team is critical, but you cannot achieve your goals and create joy for your Guests over the long haul unless you provide each member of your team the chance to express their joy to others – in their own way.

>> Create an ultimate Guest experience one Guest at a time

You know this weekend the crowds are going to come, often in a rush at the last minute. Your team needs to remember the most important Guest is the one right in front of them at that moment. When you are joyful to that person, you can be so compelling that your Guests will want to come back again next week, hopefully telling their friends and maybe even bringing them with them.


Taxi Terry Takeaway, Adapted for Your Church’s Guest Experience

Joy may be difficult to define, but you certainly know it when you see it.

  • With that in mind, write down the name of the most joyful team member on your hospitality team. What are three specific things that he or she does that convinces you of his or her joy?
  • Write down those three attributes at the top of a piece of paper. Below each one, list how you could use each of them in your own life to make your team, your Guests, and yourself more joyful.
  • When was the last time you experienced joy as a Guest (or customer). What specifically occurred that generated this feeling? How can you take a similar approach to deliver a similar experience to your Guests?


Inspired and adapted from Scott McCain’s amazing book, 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

If you are involved in the hospitality ministry of your church, this is a must-have book, filled with step-by-step strategies of how you can create and deliver the ultimate Guest Experience at your church

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