The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers

A business’s current customer base needs to be considered among the company’s most valuable assets. Discover the practical tools to preserve and grow this asset—and boost your business—by tapping into The Hidden Power of Your Customers.

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Text: The Hidden Power of Your Customers: Four Keys to Growing Your Business Through Existing Customers

Author: Becky Carroll

Synopsis: Existing customers are the key to ongoing business growth. The Hidden Power of Your CustomersThey are the people who already know you and buy from you. Yet too many businesses allow their existing customers—their least expensive, most easily acquired sales—to slip away. Don’t let this happen to you!

Through practical tips and real-world case studies, The Hidden Power of Your Customers offers four key strategies for retaining and achieving growth from existing customers, which include:

  • Relevant Marketing, which requires that you listen to your customers, and then deliver the messages they want to hear through their preferred channels 
  • Orchestrated Customer Experience, where you craft the right experience for your customers 
  • Customer-Focused Culture, in which you maintain strong company values, hire the right employees, and empower those employees to make a difference
  • Killer Customer Service, which creates positive experiences that are virally shared

Loyalty is a precious commodity, and your existing customers are your most valuable assets. This easy-to-read and practical guide features useful steps, inspirational stories, and real-world examples so that you can create a customer strategy that keeps customers coming back (and telling their friends and colleagues). Discover the power your business already has at its fingertips. Build on the ROCK strategy, and find the hidden power of your customers.

 About the author

Becky Carroll is president and founder of Petra Consulting Group. The San Diego based management consultancy is focused on growing businesses through customer engagement, social media, and the customer experience. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as medium-sized corporations, executives, and non-profits. Becky founded the company on the firm belief that the best way to achieve organic growth is to successfully build on a rock-solid customer base. Her focus has consistently been on customer loyalty and retention. 


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