It’s Hard to Forget the Fireworks at the End of the Day

An adventure as rich and spellbinding as a day in a Disney Park demands an epic conclusion and Disney delivers as only Disney can. For the Magic Kingdom, that means Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. Aaron Wallace writes in The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom: It is a culmination of the spectacle, optimism, Read more about It’s Hard to Forget the Fireworks at the End of the Day[…]

Everything Begins With a Story

Storytelling has played a vital role in our survival – allowing us to share information, knowledge, and values from generation to generation. Story is the medium through which we receive our early learning as to right and wrong, good versus evil, reward and punishment, social values, etc. Everything begins with a story. We respond to Read more about Everything Begins With a Story[…]

Team Members Who Dream Together Create Fantastic Results

There are a dozen personal stories from a recent Disney visit that would illustrate this takeaway: The very helpful Cast Members who helped with my Backstage Magic tour arrangements Cast Members at the parking lot ticket booth and in the parking lots who understood I was just being dropped off for the day Bob, the Security Team Read more about Team Members Who Dream Together Create Fantastic Results[…]

Everybody Picks Up the Trash

When people are asked what impresses them the most about a trip to Disney World, one of the first answers is how clean they find the park.  People are always amazed at how a place so big could stay so clean. It shouldn’t be so amazing when you realize that every one of the Cast Read more about Everybody Picks Up the Trash[…]

Engaging All 5 Senses Creates Memory Links

As you approach the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, the anticipated view of Cinderella’s Castle is not there; instead you enter the park through two tunnels under the train station. Even then, your first view is of Main Street, with a visual explosion of color awaiting you. You also begin to notice the smells matching Read more about Engaging All 5 Senses Creates Memory Links[…]

Pay Attention to Details Others Ignore

This is the real secret to the Disney Magic, you know. Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom is the perfect example illustrating this takeaway. It is at Main Street that the Guest is first introduced to the concept of forced perspective. This theatrical design technique is used by designers who play with scale in Read more about Pay Attention to Details Others Ignore[…]

Vision for the Future

You won’t find it in the dictionary. But any Imagineer can tell you the word is both a verb and a noun. To imagineer. To be an Imagineer. Like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Imagineering has become a purely Disney word. The name combines imagination with engineering to describe both what they do and who they are. Creating a name for a Read more about Vision for the Future[…]

Excellence is Never Finished

It was the mid-1960s. Kevin Bailey, corporate pilot for the Disney Company, was standing with Walt Disney in the Central Florida wilderness just southwest of Orlando, where the Walt Disney Company was in the process of buying up over 27,000 acres – that’s 47 square miles. That little project came to be known as Walt Disney World. Read more about Excellence is Never Finished[…]

The Guest Experience Begins in the Parking Lot

Guests coming to any theme park in Disney World are excited about seeing Mickey Mouse, a Princess, or Kylo Ren. They can’t wait to be a part of the magic inside the parks. There’s only one problem… Who will a Guest’s family interact with driving into Walt Disney World? Not hardly! (Though if you’re lucky you Read more about The Guest Experience Begins in the Parking Lot[…]