Senses and Sensibility – Getting Back to Basics

Do you long for the “good old days” when the pace of our lives was simpler and life was slower? As comedian Will Rogers once said, Things ain’t what they used to be – and probably never was. There’s no use longing for the good old days. In a world that is: Increasingly hurried Painfully Read more about Senses and Sensibility – Getting Back to Basics[…]

Senses and Sensibility – The Church and Consumers

As you live your life day in and out, you are living the life of a consumer. Where do you consume? Where do you shop? Who provides service for you? Most importantly, why? You may stop at your favorite coffee shop for a good cup of coffee – and the conversations you have with the Read more about Senses and Sensibility – The Church and Consumers[…]

Senses and Sensibility

First impressions of your church campus and facility last. First impressions are automatic – taken in and recorded by our senses, often registered for later recall. More often than not, they make an immediate impact on our decision to participate and to return – or not. We may not agree with it or not, but Read more about Senses and Sensibility[…]

Engaging All 5 Senses Creates Memory Links

As you approach the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, the anticipated view of Cinderella’s Castle is not there; instead you enter the park through two tunnels under the train station. Even then, your first view is of Main Street, with a visual explosion of color awaiting you. You also begin to notice the smells matching Read more about Engaging All 5 Senses Creates Memory Links[…]

The Reality of Perception

Our eyes send at least 10 million bits of information to the brain every second, the skin around 1 million, the ears 100,000, smell 100,000 and the taste buds a much more limited 1,000. Scientists estimate that we are conscious of no more than 40 bits per second. (both facts from the book Brand esSense, Read more about The Reality of Perception[…]

Setting the Stage

Get rid of the crappy stuff and focus on the good stuff. – Steve Jobs Today’s post wraps up a three-part look at Carmine Gallo’s book The Apple Experience. It’s about the secrets Apple Retail Store uses to build insanely great customer loyalty. But it’s about so much more. If you lead an organization that Read more about Setting the Stage[…]