Designing Your Guest Experience

    In a sense, Disneyland is a stage – a most unusual stage. Members of the Disneyland audience, unlike the audience at a motion picture or a Broadway show, do not simply look on. They participate in the drama, the adventure, or comedy. They walk onto the stage. They move through the sets. They Read more about Designing Your Guest Experience[…]

Pay Attention to Details Others Ignore

This is the real secret to the Disney Magic, you know. Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom is the perfect example illustrating this takeaway. It is at Main Street that the Guest is first introduced to the concept of forced perspective. This theatrical design technique is used by designers who play with scale in Read more about Pay Attention to Details Others Ignore[…]

The 3rd Discipline of Guest Experiences: Design

Organizations that want to produce a high-quality Guest experience need to perform a set of sound, standard practices. Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book Outside In, have developed six high-level disciplines which can be translated into Guest experiences: strategy, Guest understanding, design, measurement, governance, and culture. An overview of all six Disciplines can Read more about The 3rd Discipline of Guest Experiences: Design[…]

Where is your Red X?

In this case, literally. The one that says “You Are Here.” Exciting the subway in the middle of a city or stepping off the elevator onto a strange floor is momentarily disorienting: you scan the space to figure out where you are and find clues that will lead you where you want to go. This Read more about Where is your Red X?[…]