Understanding the Three Types of People in Your Guest Experience

Last week, we took the first of two looks at a pirate’s crew. As Captain Jack Sparrow finds out time and time again, you can’t get very far on your own – it takes a crew to reach your destination. The same is true for your church’s Guest Experience: No matter how you look at Read more about Understanding the Three Types of People in Your Guest Experience[…]

It All Begins with Hospitality

Church leaders need to understand the fact that our competition is not other churches; it’s places that provide WOW! Experiences and to which guests compare our churches. While that may seem a negative, it can also be turned into a positive by LEARNING from those top-notch places and their leaders. Take for instance Danny Meyer, Read more about It All Begins with Hospitality[…]

Guest Experiences Focus on People

No matter how you look at Guest Experiences in a church setting, the people element is first and foremost. A person or persons come to your place because they were invited, or just curious, or they are in a crisis in their own lives. This person or persons encounter people at your place who extend Read more about Guest Experiences Focus on People[…]