October 1, 2016

My Disney Disclaimer

I get it, I really do. Some people think that using anything associated with Walt Disney and the company he created, as it exists today, to illustrate practices for church leaders is wrong.

I respectfully disagree.

Churches need to look at sources of excellence in any area that can help them fulfill their mission and vision.

In the area of Guest Experiences, there are many great organizations that excel at customer service or guest services. Most of them learned it from a single source.

There is only one organization, in my opinion, that consistently delivers exceptional Guest Experiences, continually upping their game.

That organization is the Walt Disney Company.

Another objection I often hear: “Sure, Disney does a good job; they have a bazillion dollars to spend on keeping Guests happy.” Yes, they do – and I’ve contributed my own share to that bazillion!

But I encourage you to look beyond what you see to the PRINCIPLE behind the action or practice, and more often than not you will find something that you can apply in your organization.

In other words, Excellence Scales.

Go ahead – try it!