Make Sure Your Last Impression is a Lasting Impression

Tonight kicked off a whirlwind 2-day adventure at Walt Disney World where I plan to visit all 4 parks, meet and talk with Cast Members about Guest Experiences, and generally continue to immerse myself in an environment where the most amazing Guest Experiences in the world take place everywhere, every day, and in every way.

But I think I’ll start at the end…

An adventure as rich and spellbinding as a day in a Disney Park demands an epic conclusion and Disney delivers as only Disney can.

  • For the Magic Kingdom, that means Wishes, a fireworks show which is preceded by a short projection show on Cinderella Castle
  • Epcot’s ending nighttime show, Illuminations, takes place on the lagoon in the World Showcase area. It features music, fire, lasers, lights, and projections in the clouds and on a huge Earth floating in the lagoon.
  • At Hollywood Studios, the sounds of John Williams’ majestic Star Wars themes fill the air as the sights of twinkling lights fill the sky. Classic Star Wars music along with stirring new themes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens accompany a dazzling array of colors bursting above you.
  • Soon, even Animal Kingdom will get into the act with a closing show not featuring fireworks but an innovative show unlike anything ever seen in Disney Parks, combining live music, floating lanterns, water screens and swirling animal imagery.

Which brings me to the first takeaway from my 2-day Disney Immersion:

It’s hard to forget the fireworks at the end of the day.

There was just something special about the fireworks in the setting of a Disney World park. It was a special way to end a great day-the setting, the music, and the fireworks all combined to provide a fitting finale…

…and left me wanting more, wondering what magic would be in store the next time I came.

How do you wrap up your events or experiences? Do your Guests leave with smiles, looking forward to the next time?

The Disney organization has no peer when it comes to creating amazing Guest Experiences. Their Cast Member interaction with Guests is legendary in providing a warm welcome to the Disney Parks. From your arrival by car, monorail, or boat, the Guest is almost overwhelmed by the tremendous “first impression” that Disney Cast Members deliver.

But I think it’s how Disney says “goodbye” that leaves a “lasting impression.

photo courtesy Tom Brickman

photo courtesy Tom Brickman

Now that’s a goodbye!

Which leads me to a simple, closing question:

How do you tell your Guests goodbye?

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