Living a 3D Pirates Life: Guest Experience Lessons from Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is returning to the big screen in just a few days – the U.S. premiere of Dead Men Tell No Tales is Friday, May 26. While there have been rumors (and a few facts) swirling for weeks about what’s next for the Captain, the truth is no one is really sure.

That’s part of the mystique and enigma of pirates in general, and most particularly for Captain Jack Sparrow. Throughout all the movies, we know he has a past history – glimpses of it are revealed from time to time. We also know he lives very much in the present, barely making it through one situation only to fall right into another one. And of course, he’s always looking ahead to the next adventure in the future.

Past. Present. Future.

Captain Jack Sparrow leads a 3D life.

I was reminded of this recently while visiting the Magic Kingdom for one of my favorite shows: Mickey’s PhilharMagic. It’s a simple, fun show, using 3D technology to show the film in 3 dimensions, giving a richness and depth to the movie.

As we close out this series of posts linking Guest Experiences and Pirates, that thought -with a little tweak – seems to be an appropriate conclusion to the series.

Do you have a 3D Guest Experience at your church?

These 3 dimensions are not length, width, and depth, but 3 representations of time: past, present, and future. A wise Guest Experience leader recognizes the importance of all three:

  • Past is history
  • Present is reality
  • Future is opportunity

History – Every past success and failure in your Guest Experience can be a source of information and wisdom – if you allow it to be. The wise Guest Experience leader learns both from success and failure. Don’t be satisfied with your successes, and don’t be dismayed by your failures. History is important: it is not a rock to hold on to, but a bridge to the future.

Reality – No matter what a Guest Experience leader learns from the past, it will never tell you all you need to know for the present. The wise Guest Experience leader is constantly gathering information from many sources about what’s going on in the here and now – because that’s where we are at. They ask others on their team, they talk with their peers; they look to other leaders for insight. Guest Experience leaders also become students of the Guests they are seeking to minister to.

Opportunity – Guest Experience leaders should see tomorrow before it arrives. They have a vision for a preferable future, they understand what it will take to get there, they know who they will need to be on the team to be successful, and they recognize obstacles long before they become apparent to others.

Most 3D movies require the viewer to wear special glasses but even then the view is only an illusion of multiple dimensions.

Wise Guest Experience leaders will understand the three dimensions of past, present, and future, and realize they are not an illusion, but a powerful force that will help them lead their Guest Experience Teams with real depth and dimension.

Lead your Guest Experience Teams with 3D vision, and you will exceed your Guest’s expectations every time.

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This post is the final one in a series of twelve, making the powerful connection between Guest Experiences and all things Pirates. It may seem a little strange, but I guarantee you won’t see a pirate flag, hear the word “ahoy,” or encounter any like number of references to “pirates” without connecting them to Guest Experiences!

inspired by Walt Disney and his amazing ability to bring a story to life on the screen and in person

brought to life by the Pirate Navigator

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