How to Get Repeat Guests at Your Church

If your customer experiences are static, if your level of service is never-changing, if there’s no updating or innovation, why would any customer expand the relationship he or she has with you?     – Scott McKain

Scott McKain’s book 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry takes a real-life situation McKain encountered that blew him away – and gave him the idea to develop 7 tenets, or principles, of excellent customer service.

McKain’s sixth tenet: Help Your Customers Come Back for More suggests that the most successful organizations are the ones that make it easy to do business with them and even easier to come back for more.

One of the best examples of this is the Disney organization – specifically at Walt Disney World. According to Disney leaders, they expect to have a return rate of over 70%.


What’s your average Guest return rate?

Would you like it to be higher?

McKain develops this line of thinking through five basic aspects of the experience you must focus on to develop repeat customers.

>> Target the experience

Examine every aspect of your engagement with your customers and evaluate how you have targeted the experience they receive specifically to their needs, desires, and requirements.

>> Repeat the experience

Is the experience that you are delivering to your customers so compelling that they will want to repeat it?

>> Upgrade the experience

You need to be seeking avenues for your customers to upgrade their experience. It will take a bit of creativity and perhaps a lot of effort; however, it can become highly rewarding to your business – and you.

>> Expand the experience

Ask the question, “How can we deliver additional compelling features for the customer, based on this experience?”

>> Extend the experience

To grow your business and improve customer relationships, it’s essential to think long-term continually and not short-term constantly.

As a church leader, you may question the concepts above as having no relevance to Guests coming to your church. New flash: don’t get hung up on the word “customers” because you may not like it. Guests are coming to your church and they are making conscious choices about what you offer and they may “spend” their resources with you – or they may leave and never come back.

Think of it like this:

For churches, a repeat customer is a second time Guest.

Welcome Back!

That should change your thinking.

Taxi Terry Takeaway, Adapted for Your Church’s Guest Experience

One of the most overlooked aspects of business by all employees at every level is the value of the repeat customer.

  • Using the three largest representative target groups you are currently reaching, make a list for each of them that details how you could target, upgrade, repeat, expand, and extend their experiences with you more effectively.
  • Create a long-term thinking list that outlines where you want your Guest Experience ministry to be three years from now.
  • Over a period of three weekends, interview a minimum of five first-time guests at your campus. Focus on asking questions that help you understand how easy it is for first-time Guests to have a great experience at your campus.


Inspired and adapted from Scott McCain’s amazing book, 7 Tenets of Taxi Terry

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