How to Create an Authentic, Irresistible Environment for Your Guests

In a sense, Disneyland is a stage – a most unusual stage.



Members of the Disneyland stage, unlike the audience at a movie picture or a Broadway show, do not simply look on. They participate in the drama, the adventure, or comedy. They walk onto the stage. They move through the sets. They touch the props. They examine the set dressings. And so sets, props, and dressings must be authentic.

Walt Disney

Andy Stanly puts in very succinctly in Deep and Wide:

Every Sunday people walk onto your campus and determine whether or not they will return the following week before your preacher opens his mouth. And that’s not fair. But it’s true. The moral of the story: Environment matters.

The quality, consistency, and personal impact of your ministry environments define your church. To put it another way, your environments determine what comes to mind when people think about your church.

If you want your environments to be great, you’ve got to define great. If you want them to be irresistible, then you must define irresistible in transferable, easy-to-understand terms. Every staff member and volunteer in your church is convinced they know what great looks like. They show up on the weekends to work toward some predetermined end. You owe it to them to make the bull’s-eye on the target as clear as humanly possible.

What do your Guests see when the curtain rises?



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