Great Organizations Never Stop Searching for Ways to Improve

Great organizations have the mentality of champion athletes and great artists and visionary inventors: they never stop searching for ways to improve.

Like snow.

In December.

In Florida.


With a December wedding anniversary, my wife and I have enjoyed trips to many different destinations, celebrating our anniversary with a Christmas theme. One December, we spent a very special weekend at Walt Disney World, touring the beautifully-decorated resorts, participating in a behind-the-scenes “Yuletide Fantasy” Tour, and being a part of “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” at the Magic Kingdom.

Throughout all of these, with typical Disney attention to details, were special “seasonal” touches like:

  • Christmas floral designs for the Main Street streetlights – shaped like Mickey ears
  • Toy soldiers “guarding’ Main Street Square – a precursor to what was to come that night
  • Christmas-themed costuming and music for the Trolley singers on Main Street
  • In the background, Christmas music in place of the regular tunes
  • Turning the Jungle Cruise into the “Jingle Cruise” with costume additions, subtle decorations, and of course a modified spiel by the Skippers
  • Christmas-themed lighting and fireworks for the nightly castle show
  • Seeing Cinderella’s Castle draped in thousands of icicle lights, turning the always amazing nighttime view into a breathtaking picture of a winter wonderland
  • Pulling out all the stops for the nighttime Christmas parade, with elaborate floats, traditional characters with Christmas extras, and my personal favorite, a whole platoon of Toy Soldiers marching in step and formation the length of Main Street.
  • And at the very end, as Santa Claus made his way down Main Street, the skies filled with flurries of snow.

If you want your organization to be known for its Guest Experience, you and your team need to be constantly thinking toward tomorrow.

Better is not a destination; it is a journey. You never arrive at better; it is always in the future, because there is an even better way to serve your Guests. So strive to be moving constantly in that direction, and never look back.

Although you might be doing it as well as it can possibly be done today, you may find that tomorrow brings a new idea, a new procedure, a new insight – something that raises the bar a wee bit higher. Put what you did today, yesterday, and the day before in the past, and leave it there.

This is today – the day you call your team or staff together and have a meeting devoted entirely to one question: “How can we do it better tomorrow?”

Lee Cockerell, The Customer Rules

I saw first-hand proof of what Lee was writing about on the Yuletide Fantasy tour. Here it was December 8, with Christmas still a couple of weeks away. What were the “elves” in the Holiday Services department – a full-time section who devote all of their time to Christmas at the Parks – doing?

Getting ready for next year’s Christmas season with some amazing new additions to Christmas in Walt Disney World.

What about you and your team?

How can you do it better tomorrow?


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