Friendly Isn’t Good Enough When It Comes to Guest Experiences

At Auxano, we’ve walked with more than 500 churches through a process called the Guest Perspective Evaluation. And when they’re done, they all ask, “What’s next?”

Amazingly, most church leaders don’t actually have a plan they can use to improve their Guest Experience!

Ask them about their strategy and you’ll discover it boils down to this:

We’ll be friendlier.

It’s understandable. Church leaders are too busy on the weekend to actually understand what Guests see – and experience – to really know how to make things better. After all, your church is “friendly,” right? And that is all you need to have a good Guest Experience.

Why settle for good?

An exceptional Guest Experience ministry doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend you execute on just three things:

  1. The PLACE where you welcome Guests
  2. The PROCESS you use to welcome Guests
  3. The PEOPLE involved in welcoming Guests

Focusing on these three things will allow you to welcome first time Guests, welcome back returning Guests, and create a culture of hospitality within your church that extends your ministry beyond your walls.

The catch?

Each of these three elements share one requirement: paying attention to details.

It’s impossible to have an exceptional Guest Experience unless you pay attention to details.

That’s why we created the Guest Experience Boot Camp.

This 2-day collaborative learning event is designed to help church Hospitality ministries develop a framework for exceptional Guest Experiences:

  • Understand what the Guest expectations are in your community
  • Walk through the journey a Guest goes on from their home to your worship center
  • Create systems and processes that provide a clear and consistent Guest Experience
  • Develop trained teams who are the “first face” of your church to both Guests and members
  • Leverage to power of Guests and members to spread the word about your church to friends, neighbors, and others
  • And much more…

Many church leaders think an exceptional Guest Experience requires resources beyond their reach, but the framework of our Boot Camp shows you reproducible principles that are applicable to churches of all sizes.

Joining me to deliver the Guest Experience Boot Camp will be Auxano Navigator Bryan Rose. Working with you, we will help you design a Guest Experience centered on your vision and built around a culture of hospitality.

The Guest Experience Boot Camp will give you a return on your investment again and again and again for years to come.

The Boot Camp provides:

  • 8 interactive learning blocks
  • 60+ page workbook
  • Reproducible take-home training tools
  • Collaborative learning alongside churches from around the country
  • A 60-minute, one-on-one virtual coaching session
  • 2 additional virtual follow-up sessions with participants
  • Lunches and breaks throughout the Boot Camp

The Guest Experience Boot Camp will be held at The Cove Church, Mooresville Campus. It is located a convenient drive from CLT airport, and there are many hotel and restaurant choices nearby.

This Boot Camp will show you how to design, build, and implement a Guest Experience for your church using principles we have observed, tested, and helped clients implement over the last 14 years.

We’ll walk you through a discovery process, step-by-step, so you know exactly WHY you are doing Guest Experiences, WHAT your community expects in a Guest Experience, and HOW to design and build an exceptional Guest Experience.

Help ensure that your first time Guest returns to become a second-time Guest!

Click here to register your team for Auxano’s Guest Experience Boot Camp and take the next step for developing an exceptional Guest Experience at your church.

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