Designing Your Guest Experience



In a sense, Disneyland is a stage – a most unusual stage. Members of the Disneyland audience, unlike the audience at a motion picture or a Broadway show, do not simply look on. They participate in the drama, the adventure, or comedy. They walk onto the stage. They move through the sets. They touch the props. They examine set dressings. And so sets, props, and dressings must be authentic.

– Walt Disney

Walt realized that a visit to a theme park could be like a theatrical experience – in a word, a show. Walt saw that the guests’ sense of progressing through a narrative, of living out a story told visually, could link together the great variety of attractions he envisioned for his new kind of park.

Designing the guest’s experience is what Walt’s Imagineers came to call “the art of the show,” a term that applies to what we do at every level, from the broadest conceptual outlines to the smallest details, encompassing visual storytelling, characters, and the use of color.

– John Hench, 60+ year veteran of Walt Disney’s creative team

What will you design for your Guests today?


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