Delivering an I CARE Guest Service Experience at Your Church

Ask almost anyone about a recent customer service experience and the odds are it will be “meh” at best and a total failure at worst. Research by Bruce Loeffler and Brian Church backs that up. Customers are increasingly frustrated because “no one seems to care.”

Fortunately, Loeffler and Church, co-founders of Experience International, were not content just to do research about customer service – they used that research as a springboard to develop tools for creating “Ambassadors” through Exceptional customer service and by building relational Experiences.

At the core of their tools are 5 “I CARE” Principles you can use to test yourself, your services, and your organization using the Experience Quotient™.

Loeffler and Church’s book is entitled The Experience: The 5 Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence. It was released last April, and this post is celebrating its one year anniversary. It’s also a book that I both recommend and have delivered to over 20 clients in the past year.

Here’s a sneak peek at the core of their book – the 5 I CARE Principles as they define them:

I. C.A.R.E Principles

I – Impression: The lasting imprint made through first and ongoing relational inflection points; the catalyst to building a relationship. The Impression that you provide before a guest interacts with your company all the way until their interaction is complete matters; it is the catalyst to building and maintaining that relationship

– Connection: The pivot point between contact and relationship. Converting clients and customers from consumers to Ambassadors (those on a mission to tell the world specifically about you) hinges on the ability to create the cerebral, emotional and personal connection.

 Attitude: The filter for everything you think, say and ultimately do. Attitude is the lens in which you see the world and the outward expression of inward feelings.

R – ResponseService is about personal responsibility and responding as opposed to reacting. The hallmark of customer service and an exceptional experience is the response. If the response time, tone and talent do not match up with every other aspect of an exceptional experience, everything else is rendered useless.

E – Exceptionals:  The secret behind the experience is the relational expertise and execution that comes from the people in charge of delivering it. The management team and employees must be prepared and  empowered to have the Experience living and breathing within them.

Now the question church leaders are asking: What does a book on customer service have to do with my church?

Your church has customers – you just call them something else, like guests, members, attenders, volunteers, team members, etc.

If recognizing that a church has “customers” is a barrier for you, I encourage you to break through that barrier now – and reading The Experience would be a great place to start.

Check back for a full review of The Experience, and more information about the wealth of information it contains.


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