Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

A “one-size fits all” approach to customer service is no longer viable.

GsD Summer Term 1

Survey of Customer Experience Literature

Text: Crafting the Customer Experience for People Not Like You

Author: Kelly McDonald

Synopsis: Deliver a better, for every kind of customer.Crafting the Customer Experience

Organizations competing on service need to understand and cater to customers’ racial, ethnic, religious, generational, and geographic differences in order to meet or exceed customers’ service expectations. Crafting the Customer Experience to People Not Like You shows how companies, brands, and products struggling to differentiate themselves in a sea of sameness can foster long-term loyalty and brand preference with exceptional and customized customer service.

  • A detailed guide to core customer groups including women, the five generations (matures, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z), racial and ethnic segments, such as Hispanics and African-Americans, as well as those who are defined by key lifestyle and life-stage attributes
  • Consumer insights that will help business leaders deliver a better business experience with every customer
  • How to train employees to serve customers who are not like them
  • Seven principles for creating an inclusive and inviting customer experience for every customer group

You cannot control the economy, the stock market or the costs of goods and labor. But you can control your organization’s customer service. It’s an empowering thought. Customer service is 100% in your control at all times and it’s more important than ever.

About the author: Kelly McDonald is a marketing and communications expert who specializes in multicultural and diversity marketing. But Kelly’s definition of diversity goes way beyond racial and ethnic diversity. Her philosophy is that any way you can be different from another person is “diversity”. In fact, what makes us different from each other usually has very little to do with race, age, gender or any of the other demographic criteria that marketers traditionally use.


Guestology – the art and science of knowing and understanding your guests – is a term originated by Bruce Laval of the Walt Disney Company. The use of GsD is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment that organizations who really want to understand and deliver a WOW Guest Experience need to study the best practices and principles in use today, and then adapt them to the context of their own environment.

the GsD (Doctor of Guestology) journey: Summer 2013

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