Building Great Customer Experiences

What is the best customer experience you have ever had?

All too often, none spring to mind! Why does it take so long to think of one? Because there are not that many of them.

GsD Summer Term 1

Survey of Customer Experience Literature

Text: Building Great Customer Experiences

Authors: Colin Shaw and John Ivens

Synopsis: Building Great Customer Experiences is about building and delivering great customer experiences. Building Great Customer ExperiencesMany companies neglect this, but the physical execution and emotional impact of customer experiences, companies and brands may ultimately determine customer satisfaction and loyalty and commercial success. With the use of compelling examples and cases the authors show that this is key for all companies and organizations.

As a guide to building Great Customer Experiences, Shaw and Ivens have developed the Seven Philosophies for Building Great Customer ExperiencesTM.

  1. A source of long-term competitive advantage
  2. Created by consistently exceeding customers’ physical and emotional expectations
  3. Differentiated by focusing on stimulating planned emotions
  4. Enabled through inspiration leadership, and empowering culture and empathetic people who are happy and fulfilled
  5. Designed outside in rather than inside out
  6. Revenue generating, and can significantly reduce costs
  7. The embodiment of the brand


About the authors: John Ivens and Colin Shaw are the founding partners of Beyond Philosophy, the leading consultancy specializing in the customer experience. Based in the UK and America, the company helps clients to develop their customer experience strategies and then assists them in implementing those strategies.

Guestology – the art and science of knowing and understanding your guests – is a term originated by Bruce Laval of the Walt Disney Company. The use of GsD is a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgment that organizations who really want to understand and deliver a WOW Guest Experience need to study the best practices and principles in use today, and then adapt them to the context of their own environment.

the GsD (Doctor of Guestology) journey: Summer 2013


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