March 28, 2013

Mickey’s Ten Commandments for the Setting

In yesterday’s post the concept of the “setting” at Disney World was introduced. Going a little deeper, Disney Legend Marty Sklar gave the following list of setting design principles (from “Be Our Guest” by the Disney Institute).

  • Know your audience – before creating a setting, obtain a firm understanding of who will be using it
  • Wear your Guest’s shoes – never forget the human factor; evaluate your setting from the Guest’s perspective by experiencing it as a Guest
  • Organize the flow of people and ideas – think of your setting as a story; tell that story in an organized, sequenced way
  • Create a visual magnet – a landmark used to orient and attract Guests
  • Communicate with visual literacy – use the common languages of color, shape, and form to communicate through setting
  • Avoid overload – do not bombard Guests with information; let them chose the information they want when they want it
  • Tell one story at a time – mixing multiple stories in a singe setting is confusing; create one setting for each big idea
  • Avoid contradictions – every detail and every setting should support and further your organizational identity and mission
  • For every ounce of treatment provide a ton of treat – give your Guests the highest value by building an interactive setting that gives them the opportunity to exercise all of their senses
  • Keep it up – never get complacent and always maintain your setting

What stories are your settings telling?


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