March 30, 2013

It’s Almost Time

The journey is almost over.

On March 7 I launched a “40 Day Guest Experience Journey” through the words and images of this blog. It was my attempt to impress upon church leaders the importance of Guest Experiences by focusing on the likelihood of high attendance on Easter.

So What?

If you knew company was coming to your house, you would make a special effort to have everything just right. Your house would be clean and tidy, you would probably be cooking some special meals, and your family would be on their best behavior.

Why should your church be any different?

Creating a WOW! First Impression isn’t about you. It’s all about your Guests. It’s about them coming back to your church so they can discover God’s love.

First impressions really do matter. They matter on first dates, job interviews, meeting the future in-laws – and in the ministry of your church. First impressions are automatic and involuntary. You have the opportunity to influence the outcome of your Guest’s experience by deciding in advance what you will design that experience to be.

It’s about People.

It’s about Process.

It’s about Place.

And a closing thought:

It’s your first expression that makes the first impression.


Day #39 in The 40 Day Guest Experience Journey

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