March 22, 2013

Designing Success to Influence & Shape the Guest Experience

When it comes to Guest Experience, “Defining Success” is not easy – ultimately, the guest makes the definition.

But you can influence and shape that definition – and that’s where “Designing Success” comes in.

Earlier in the series I introduced the concept of “The Experience Blueprint“. This powerful idea was introduced by Tim Brown, CEO of the world-renowned design firm IDEO in his latest book, “Change By Design.” Brown wrote that:

Just as a product begins with an engineering blueprint and a building with an architectural blueprint, an experience blueprint provides the framework for working out the details of a human interaction.

And where does this framework come from? The secret is already on your team: Utilizing an experience blueprint creates a culture in which everyone can be a design thinker.

Another quote from Tim Brown:

Design has the power to enrich our lives by engaging our emotions through image, form, texture, color, sound, and smell. The intrinsically human-centered nature of design thinking points to the next step: we can use our empathy and understanding of people to design experiences that create opportunities for active engagement and participation.

What are the guidelines for designing an experience blueprint?

  • A successful experience requires active guest participation
  • A guest experience that feels authentic, genuine, and compelling is likely to be delivered by a team operating within an experience culture themselves
  • Every touchpoint must be executed with thoughtfulness and precision

Are you ready to create an experience blueprint for Guest Experiences at your church?

Day #31 in the 40 Day Guest Experience Journey

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