February 19, 2013

40 Day Guest Experience Journey

40 days from tomorrow (March 8, 2017) it will be Easter Sunday…

The significance of the event 2,000 years ago is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday. For many believers, it is the highest and holiest day of the year. For many families, it will be a chance to bring family and friends to your church – for maybe the only time they will come, this year – or forever.

That probably means the largest crowd of this year will be coming to your church…

So what?

Here’s what…

I’m a HUGE advocate of Guest Experiences in the church. What we do to prepare for guests is so important in how guests perceive the church – and whether they will return or not.

Today kicks off a 40 day series of posts on how churches can make smart decisions on preparing for and following up on Guests who are at their churches for Easter. There will be a new post every day.

Please share this post – and the entire series with your friends and colleagues.

Your church has a tremendous opportunity coming up…

Don’t waste it.

Begin the 40 Day Journey here.


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